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Don Sandel is the author of the inspiring book, Positive Mindshift!

A great read for those trying to make good things happen in life and work.

Positive Mindshift is available for purchase or download.

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Don Sandel is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and author linking happiness, optimism, and positivity to high performance.

Don Sandel
Author and keynote Speaker

Don is a dynamic presenter, a self-proclaimed pathological extrovert, and brings a fun and irreverent brand of humor to all his engagements.


Don Sandel is the founder of GoPositiv. He’s been leading talent development efforts for small and large organizations for the last few decades and has transitioned those skills and experiences into GoPositiv and now to books as well.


He began studying the brain and its effect on learning over a decade ago, discovered compelling and irrefutable research around positivity, “I researched how positivity impacted learning and development, literally enabled the brain to learn more effectively, and was immediately hooked!”

"Every relevant business metric goes
up when the positivity dominates the negativity."
Kim Cameron, world-renowned happiness researcher, University of Michigan

business impact

A large non-profit experienced employee attrition drop from 
48% to 19%

as a result of program implementation


business impact

A pharma company business area saw engagement scores increase 4.3% to 7.9% on a 10 point scale following program implementation.

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Learn more about how Don can work with you and your team. Download the brochure to start a conversation with your team.

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