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Latest books from author Don Sandel

Don Sandel is the author of the bestselling book Positive Mindshift.  He is also co-author of Play the Game, which is also available for purchase or download.

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If you are a corporate leader, employee, parent, teacher, or just someone looking to lead their best life, Positive Mindshift was written for you.

Don wrote this book to impact the lives of those who read it.  By reading Positive Mindshift, you will learn how your physiology changes when you have a positive mindset. Your brain, guts, neurons, chemicals, even your tissue changes, all in service of a more positive life and better outcomes. Each chapter offers inspiring stories of those who have produced better outcomes by changing how they view the events in their lives.  Each chapter also offers evidence-based techniques to enable you to begin a new way of thinking immediately.

Positive Mindshift is available anywhere books are sold. 

Thank you for supporting this impactful book.

excerpt from the book

What this book suggests can be hard work for some. I am encouraging the herculean but worthwhile task of shifting a lifetime mindset to a brand-new mindset of happiness, optimism, and positivity. Not easy. But worth it. Together, we will learn from other people, like Chuck Pearson, that how we lead our life, can touch and brighten not only our own, but the lives of those around us. Imagine a life nearly free from anxiety and rumination yet overflowing with positive thoughts and desired outcomes! This new life is possible-if you really want it. So I have to ask-do you really want it? Are you ready to make a few basic and evidenced-based changes in your life? Are you ready to talk to yourself differently? Process events differently? Engage others differently? I know I'm ready because I've seen this work with thousands and thousands of workshop participants. It works because Positive Mindshift embraces and leverages a natural system, that once its begun, like a wave in the ocean, gains momentum and becomes easier and stronger with time.

Play the game

I've co-authored Play The Game with 16 other thought-leaders. Marshall Goldsmith writes, "This book will radically change the way you see your business!"

For those looking for that business-edge, this is for you.

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be apart of the author's journey


I have created this Facebook group to bring you on this journey as I work toward publishing my upcoming book, Positive Mindshift, along with my publisher, New Degree Press. It's incredibly rare to be part of an author's journey and to get behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the publishing process. I'm grateful that you're all with me!

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