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Regional Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical, Florida

I  recently had the pleasure of participating in the Positive Performance class facilitated by Don Sandel.  This class has been one of the most useful learning experiences I have had in quite some time! What really makes this class worthwhile is learning the science behind positivity and happiness.  Don exposed the class to numerous scientific studies and data that is critical to understanding the concept of positive psychology. Don provided the class with some very practical tools and additional resources for creating a positive outlook.   I have been able to apply many of the concepts learned in this class to my professional and personal life.  As a Regional Manager, the learnings have been helpful in leading my team and creating a more positive culture!


Research Scientist, Pharmaceutical, Chicago

This was the best class to date that I have taken. I truly believe having a positive attitude in your life will help you both personally and professionally.  Awesome experience!


Controller, Manufacturing/Tech, Portland

What a compelling experience!  I walked in skeptical and left motivated to improve my performance simply by adjusting my mindset.  What a pleasant surprise!  Don was engaging, at times self-deprecating, but always thought-provoking.  I’d recommend this for anyone wishing to create an engaged workforce!

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